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The Five Challenges the GMC Didn't See Coming

While I'm sure there will be another wave of disaffiliating congregations in 2023, I think we can safely say this will be the largest wave of congregations making their way out of the denomination. After what seemed like years of a denominational logjam where dreams, fears and rumors of division or schism floated about the UMC, the dam has broken. About 10-15% of the UMC's here in North America will be looking to exit at specially-called annual conference sessions focused on disaffiliation before the end of the year. Admittedly, the challenges, already daunting, for the United Methodist Church will now be multiplying as large swaths of members and clergy leave.   But if you want to know the truth, the Global Methodist Church faces even more daunting challenges. They are discovering that the denomination they envisioned, isn't coming, and never will come, into fruition. Instead, GMC leadership will be forced to contend with five challenges they did not anticipate, and will n